Using our products, you can make the foundation repair process a breeze. We can help you reduce such an intricate job down to six steps. Your clients will be impressed with your precision and skill, and you save time and energy to use to further strengthen your business.

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    What is the foundation repair process?

    Step 1: Expose Foundation

    Step 2: Prepare Footing

    Step 3: Set Bracket with Anchors

    Step 4: Attach Drive Stand and Drive Pier

    Step 5: Setup to Lift and Stabilize Foundations

    Step 6: SP-90 Pier Installed; Restoration Complete

    “Titan Products uses American-made steel and state-of-the-art robotic and laser precision technologies to manufacture our brackets. Each pier is load tested during installation to ensure it is installed correctly and the desired capacity achieved. With the state-of-the-art manufacturing and load testing of each Titan SP-90 bracket, you can rest assured that your home is on a solid foundation.”

    – Chris Smith