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    Foundation Support

    Titan Products manufactures resistance piers (also known as push piers) to permanently stabilize your home or commercial property. Our resistance pier systems comprise of two major components: the foundation bracket and the tubular pier sections both of which use American-made steel and state-of-the-art robotic and laser precision technologies to manufacture. Our piering sections range from 2-7/8 to 4 inches in diameter depending on the anticipated loads and are hydraulically driven below the ground surface to a competent bearing surface. Titan Products has engineered a wide variety of foundation brackets to match any project demands.


    • After installation, the piers are concealed underground and out of sight
    • Installs with portable equipment with little to no vibration
    • 100% load tested during installation, verifying the required pier capacity is achieved
    • Continuously adjustable
    • Capable of lifting the foundation back to original grade, when applicable
    • Utilizes a pile guide sleeve to insure vertical alignment and increase pile stiffness in excavated area


    Titan Products SP-90 Push Pier Bracket

    The SP-90 bracket is engineered to exceed the required capacity to correct the majority of settled residential and commercial foundations.


    Titan Products SP-110 Push Pier Bracket

    The SP-110 bracket was engineered for instances when anticipated loads exceed that of the SP-90. Typically this bracket is used when multi-storied housing complexes and commercial buildings experience differential settlement and need stabilization.

    Floor Support

    Titan Products floor support systems are engineered to correct sagging or bouncing floors, interior drywall cracks, or windows and doors sticking. Typically, these problems are a result of structural problems related to your crawlspace or basement. The first possible issue is improper spacing of support columns. Columns are placed throughout the area to properly support the load above. If they are too far apart, this can result in an overloaded beam, resulting in a sag. The second possible issue is excess moisture in the space causing the existing floor system to become compromised and weaken. Lastly, existing columns can settle due to unstable and poorly compacted soil beneath them. The soil below the columns in the home can weaken to the point where they are no longer able to support the weight of the structure. The soil compresses over time, causing the column to shift and settle which leads to the beams and joists sagging or settling.

    Titan Crawl Jack

    Titan Products Crawl Jack

     Titan Crawl Jack with I-Beam Adapter

    Titan Products Crawl Jack with I Beam adapter

    “Titan Products uses American-made steel and state-of-the-art robotic and laser precision technologies to manufacture our brackets. Each pier is load tested during installation to ensure it is installed correctly and the desired capacity achieved. With the state-of-the-art manufacturing and load testing of each Titan SP-90 bracket, you can rest assured that your home is on a solid foundation.”

    – Chris Smith