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    Where does it hurt?
    There are a variety of factors that can put stress on your foundation. Do you see any symptoms of foundation failure in your home? Show us.

    1. Bricks or walls cracking
    Stress cracks appear in the mortar of the brick veneer. Patching cracks with mortar does not fix the problem.

    2. Chimneys tilting, leaning
    Most chimney foundations are connected to home foundation and if it is tilting or leaning, it can be a sign of a structural issue.

    3. Walls bowing, bulging
    Pressure from earth movement on a wall can force the wall to begin to bow inward, fracture and then collapse.

    4. Drywall separating
    Cracks over doors appear in the drywall or sheetrock of interior walls.

    5. Doors, windows sticking
    Sticking doors and windows could mean that there is a problem with the foundation of your home.

    6. Basement leaking
    A leaking basement, or standing water, can mean that potentially harmful water is not draining away from the foundation.

    The Solution
    Underpinning strengthens the foundation of an existing structure. Using the weight of the home or structure, stabilization of the foundation can be achieved. What is the process? Click here.

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